Patch  oval:com.redhat.rhsa:def:20070640
RHSA-2007:0640: conga security, bug fix, and enhancement update (Moderate)  

The Conga package is a web-based administration tool for remote cluster and storage management.
A flaw was found in ricci during a code audit. A remote attacker who is able to connect to ricci could cause ricci to temporarily refuse additional connections, a denial of service (CVE-2007-4136).
Fixes in this updated package include:
* The nodename is now set for manual fencing.
* The node log no longer displays in random order.
* A bug that prevented a node from responding when a cluster was deleted is now fixed.
* A PAM configuration that incorrectly called the deprecated module pam_stack was removed.
* A bug that prevented some quorum disk configurations from being accepted is now fixed.
* Setting multicast addresses now works properly.
* rpm -V on luci no longer fails.
* The user interface rendering time for storage interface is now faster.
* An error message that incorrectly appeared when rebooting nodes during cluster creation was removed.
* Cluster snaps configuration (an unsupported feature) has been removed altogether to prevent user confusion.
* A user permission bug resulting from a luci code error is now fixed.
* luci and ricci init script return codes are now LSB-compliant.
* VG creation on cluster nodes now defaults to "clustered".
* An SELinux AVC bug that prevented users from setting up shared storage on nodes is now fixed.
* An access error that occurred when attempting to access a cluster node after its cluster was deleted is now fixed.
* IP addresses can now be used to create clusters.
* Attempting to configure a fence device no longer results in an AttributeError.
* Attempting to create a new fence device to a valid cluster no longer results in a KeyError.
* Several minor user interface validation errors have been fixed, such as enforcing cluster name length and fence port, etc.
* A browser lock-up that could occur during storage configuration has been fixed.
* Virtual service creation now works without error.
* The fence_xvm tag is no longer misspelled in the cluster.conf file.
* Luci failover forms are complete and working. * Rebooting a fresh cluster install no longer generates an error message.
* A bug that prevented failed cluster services from being started is now fixed.
* A bug that caused some cluster operations (e.g., node delete) to fail on clusters with mixed-cased cluster names is now fixed.
* Global cluster resources can be reused when constructing cluster services.
Enhancements in this updated package include:
* Users can now access Conga through Internet Explorer 6.
* Dead nodes can now be evicted from a cluster.
* Shared storage on new clusters is now enabled by default.
* The fence user-interface flow is now simpler.
* A port number is now shown in ricci error messages.
* The kmod-gfs-xen kernel module is now installed when creating a cluster.
* Cluster creation status is now shown visually.
* User names are now sorted for display.
* The fence_xvmd tag can now be added from the dom0 cluster nodes.
* The ampersand character (&) can now be used in fence names.
* All packaged files are now installed with proper owners and permissions.
* New cluster node members are now properly initialized.
* Storage operations can now be completed even if an LVM snapshot is present.
* Users are now informed via dialog when nodes are rebooted as part of a cluster operation.
* Failover domains are now properly listed for virtual services and traditional clustered services.
* Luci can now create and distribute keys for fence_xvmd.
All Conga users are advised to upgrade to this update, which applies these fixes and enhancements.
Create Date: 2007-11-07 Last Update Date: 2008-03-20

Affected Platforms/Products

Affected Products (CPE + CVE references)
Platforms: unix (from OVAL definitions)
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5



The patch should be installed
IF : Any one of the following are true
IF : Red Hat Enterprise Linux must be installed
WARNING! Unknown test oval:com.redhat.rhba:tst:20070304026. Please see help for possible reasons
IF : All of the following are true
IF : Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 is installed
WARNING! Unknown test oval:com.redhat.rhba:tst:20070331005. Please see help for possible reasons
IF : Any one of the following are true
IF : All of the following are true
IF : ricci is earlier than 0:0.10.0-6.el5
Linux : RPM Test :  conga is signed with Red Hat redhatrelease key 
At least one of the objects listed below must exist on the system (Existence check)
Unknown object oval:com.redhat.rhsa:obj:20070640002 (Object depth limit may be exceeded) !!!
signature_keyid equals 5326810137017186
linux : rpminfo_state 
IF : ricci is signed with Red Hat redhatrelease key
WARNING! Unknown test oval:com.redhat.rhba:tst:20070331004. Please see help for possible reasons
IF : All of the following are true
IF : luci is earlier than 0:0.10.0-6.el5
WARNING! Unknown test oval:com.redhat.rhsa:tst:20070640001. Please see help for possible reasons
IF : luci is signed with Red Hat redhatrelease key
WARNING! Unknown test oval:com.redhat.rhba:tst:20070331002. Please see help for possible reasons

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