Patch  oval:com.redhat.rhba:def:20100266
RHBA-2010:0266: cman bug fix and enhancement update (Low)  

The Cluster Manager (cman) utility provides user-level services for managing a Linux cluster.
Changes in this update:
* fence_rsa fails to login with new RSA II firmware. (BZ#549473)
* fence_virsh reports vm status incorrectly. (BZ#544664)
* improve error messages from ccsd if there is a network problem. (BZ#517399)
* new fence agent for VMWare. (BZ#548577)
Note: this is a Tech Preview only.
* fence agent for HP iLO2 MP. (BZ#508722)
* fence agent for RSB ends with traceback. (BZ#545054)
* security feature for SNMP based agent: apc_snmp & ibmblade. (BZ#532922)
* change default timeout values for various fence agents. (BZ#549124)
* "Option -V" (show version) was not working in all fence agents. (BZ#549113)
* automatically configure consensus based on token timeout. (BZ#544482)
* add readconfig & dumpconfig to fence_tool. (BZ#514662)
* make groupd handle partition merges. (BZ#546082)
* groupd: clean up leaving failed node. (BZ#521817)
* scsi_reserve should always echo after failure. (BZ#514260)
* fence_scsi_test: add debug information. (BZ#516763)
* fence_scsi_test should not allow -c & -s options together. (BZ#528832)
* fix fence_ipmilan read from unitialized memory. (BZ#532138)
* make qdiskd stop crying wolf. (BZ#532773)
* fencing failed when used without telnet or ssh. (BZ#512343)
* APC changed product name (MasterSwitch -> Switched Rack PDU). (BZ#447481)
* fix invalid initalization introduced by retry-on option.
* broken device detection for DRAC3 ERA/O. (BZ#489809)
* fix case sensitivities in action parameter. (BZ#528938)
* fencing_snmp failed on all operations & traceback fix. (BZ#528916)
* accept unknown options from standard input. (BZ#532920)
* fence_apc unable to obtain plug status. (BZ#532916)
* timeout options added. (BZ#507514)
* better default timeout for bladecenter. (BZ#526806)
* the LOGIN_TIMEOUT value was too short for fence_lpar & the SSH login timed out before the connection could be completed. (BZ#546340)
* add missing-as-off option (missing blade/device is always OFF). (BZ#248006)
* make qdiskd "master-wins" node work. (BZ#372901)
* make qdisk self-fence system if write errors take longer than interval*tko. (BZ#511113)
* make service_cman.lcrso executable, so RPM adds it to the debuginfo pkg. (BZ#511346)
* don't check for xm command in cman init script: virsh is more appropriate. (BZ#516111)
* allow re-registering of a quorum device. (BZ#525270)
* fix fence_scsi, multipath & persistent reservations. (BZ#516625)
* cman_tool leave remove reduces quorum when no services are connected. (BZ#515446)
* fence_sanbox2 unable to retrieve status. (BZ#512947)
* gfs_controld: GETLK should free unused resource. (BZ#513285)
* allow IP addresses as node names. (BZ#504158)
* fence_scsi man page contains invalid option. (BZ#515731)
* fence_scsi support for 2 node clusters. (BZ#516085)
* Support for power cycle in fence ipmi. (BZ#482913)
* add option 'list devices' for fencing agents. (BZ#519697)
* add support for switching IPv4/IPv6. (BZ#520458)
* fence agent ends with traceback if option is missing. (BZ#508262)
* command line options to override default ports for different services, such as SSH & Telnet (i.e. -u option) were added. (BZ#506928)
Note: "-u" does not currently work with fence_wti. Other agents honor the port override command line options properly, however. (BZ#506928)
* force stdout close for fencing agents. (BZ#518622)
* support for long options. (BZ#519670)
* fix a situation where cman could kill the wrong nodes. (BZ#513260)
* fix support for >100 gfs & gfs2 file systems. (BZ#561892)
* fix a problem where 'dm suspend' would hang a withdrawn GFS file system. (BZ#570530)
* fix a problem where fence_snmp returned success when the operation failed. (BZ#573834)
* fencing support for the new iDRAC interface included with Dell PowerEdge R710 & R910 blade servers was added. (BZ#496748)
All cman users should install this update which makes these changes.
Create Date: 2010-03-30 Last Update Date: 2010-03-30

Affected Platforms/Products

Affected Products (CPE + CVE references)
Platforms: unix (from OVAL definitions)
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5



The patch should be installed
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IF : Red Hat Enterprise Linux must be installed
WARNING! Unknown test oval:com.redhat.rhba:tst:20070304026. Please see help for possible reasons
IF : All of the following are true
IF : Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 is installed
WARNING! Unknown test oval:com.redhat.rhba:tst:20070331005. Please see help for possible reasons
IF : Any one of the following are true
IF : All of the following are true
IF : cman-devel is signed with Red Hat redhatrelease key
WARNING! Unknown test oval:com.redhat.rhba:tst:20100266004. Please see help for possible reasons
IF : cman-devel is earlier than 0:2.0.115-34.el5
WARNING! Unknown test oval:com.redhat.rhba:tst:20100266003. Please see help for possible reasons
IF : All of the following are true
IF : cman is earlier than 0:2.0.115-34.el5
WARNING! Unknown test oval:com.redhat.rhba:tst:20100266001. Please see help for possible reasons
IF : cman is signed with Red Hat redhatrelease key
WARNING! Unknown test oval:com.redhat.rhba:tst:20100266002. Please see help for possible reasons

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